The dark chocolate great experience

Jun. 2020

The tastings are a way to delight all the goodness of flavors, aromas, and textures of dark chocolate.

It is not only taking a piece of Franceschi Chocolate but appreciating what it offers.

With the view, you can observe the brightness and tone that vary according to each strain.

The smell is the way to appreciate the sweet dark chocolate aroma that evokes the reminiscence of those moments when a cup of chocolate accompanied your cold nights, or when you prepared delicious desserts in the kitchen.

For the sense of hearing, taking the tablet very closely to the side of your face and listening to a “crack” becomes a full flavor invitation.

Touching the bar and feel its solidity.

Then, the expected moment, right where the bar and the taste come together gently, exactly when the chocolate spreads all over the palate and you begin to perceive notes of flavors that vary according to the particular strain you decided to taste and the unique person's perception

We are all different and the flavor notes may vary.