Cacao powder: applications and benefits

Aug. 2020

A Bar, melted, syrup... How many ways to eat Franceschi Chocolate can you think of? Whether in your recipes, to share, to taste with an aromatic rum, the occasion and the experience will be unforgettable.


But on this occasion, we will talk about the cacao fruit in its presentation in powder form, what are its applications and benefits.


First, it is important to understand that cacao powder is the solid part that remains from removing the cacao butter (low fat and sugar content) and is different from chocolate powder as it contains, in addition to cacao powder, flours and sugars.


Knowing this, cacao powder can be used for pastries, ice cream, spreads, candies, and much more.


What you really should understand are the properties of each presentation: to prepare a spongy chocolate cake the best option would be a cacao powder because chocolate, in the same presentation, grated or melted, would add more fat to the and the mixture and would result in a more humid cake.


The choice will depend on which is the final product you want to achieve. What is important is that you give free rein to your creativity.


But no matter which presentation you choose, chocolate is true happiness.


Here you can access a delicious chocolate volcano recipe: