A recipe to sweeten life

Jun. 2020

We bring to you a new recipe to prepare a delicious volcano with Franceschi Chocolate


For 8 servings



·       200 gr. of Franceschi Chocolate 60% ( (chopped, can be of your preference: Sur del Lago, Río Caribe, or Carenero)

·       125 gr. of unsalted butter

·       60 gr. of white sugar

·       60 gr. of all-purpose wheat flour

·       4 small eggs separated

·       1 pounder of salt

·       35 gr. of liquid milk

·       ½ teaspoon vanilla essence



1.     Melt the chocolate and butter in bain-marie. Set aside.


2.     Add the milk and vanilla and stir to integrate well.


3.     In a mixer with the balloon, whiten the yellow eggs with the sugar until it ribbon stage, get off the machine and, with a spatula, add the melted chocolate, then incorporate the flour to the mix.


4.     Beat the egg whites until stiff with the salt and incorporate with encircling movements.


5.     Bake in the oven at 200 º C / 392 ° F for about 8 minutes.


And that's it! Now you will have a delicious and moist volcano made with Franceschi Chocolate to share.