Franceschi, the Adventure of Dark Chocolate of Venezuelan Origin

There are flavors that shock and chocolate is one of them.

You don’t have to be an expert to feel the pleasure produced by its combination of aroma, texture, and flavor, as well as the indescribable sensation you enjoy when each piece melts in the palate of those who have been captivated by this delicacy of intense emotions.

However, when its loves get enthusiastic to learn a little more about what it is that makes it special, the world of chocolate becomes an adventure.

For over 180 years, Casa Franceschi lives the culture of cocoa, feels it and loves it. Six generations have dedicated themselves to the preservation, with the passion and experience turned into tradition, to profoundly master the art of dark chocolate, that which can only be acquired when you learn to differentiate the particular flavor of each type of cocoa.

Thanks to this family passion, an expedition was launched which managed to recover a select variety of creole type cocoas of high genetic purity, unique in the world, to offer us an incomparable collection of premium and extra-premium dark chocolates without blends or additives.

Each Franceschi Chocolate tablet is carefully processed to preserve the particular properties of each creole variety, such as “Canoabo”, “Ocumare’, and “Choroni”, among other extrafine cocoas of authentic Venezuelan origin, which for many years were believed lost. The collection is enriched thanks to the editions elaborated with “Rio Caribe”, “Carenero”, and “Sur del Lago”, greatly exquisite Trinitarian type cocoas.

Additionally, the brand offers the “San Jose Collection”, with presentations that heighten the regional values of our land and which contain an exclusive assortment of this collection of dark chocolate of origin pieces.

This is how we now have the chance to develop even further our senses at the hands of Casa Franceschi, thanks to the natural flavor, the creaminess, the softness, and the particular bouquet of each of its strains or “cocoas f origin”, to which the precise quantity of sugar is added to maintain the singularity of these gems of colonial quality that also have wide health benefits.



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