Kakao bombons dress up with Franceschi’s noble essence

Franceschi Chocolate y KaKao

The collection pays homage to over 180 years of cocoa tradition of Casa Franceschi-1830.

Franceschi Chocolate and KaKao chocolatier presented for the first time in Venezuela, a special edition of bombons elaborated with fine and extrafine cocoas, of pure Creole Origin and Trinitarian Type from our country.

Said collection of extra-virgin bombons of Chocolate of Origin, elaborated by master chocolate makers of KaKao, will pay homage to over 180 years of cocoa tradition of Casa Franceschi, whose high level work, passion, and constancy has turned it into the only center of preservation of cocoa strains of high purity and absolute genetic quality in Venezuela. It is also a tribute to the bombon which has arrived at its 100 years since its creation in Belgium by Jean Neuhaus.

With the KaKao-Franceschi bombons, you will be able to appreciate the genuine dark chocolate attributes that gave prestige to our seed since colonial times. Also notable is the rarity of these cocoas, as the harvest of pure creoles to great scale disappeared for decades and turned into a sort of legend among fine and extrafine chocolate lovers and connoisseurs all over the world. Only a few seeds survived in a select number of research centers who preserved them for study purposes.

The KaKao-Franceschi bombon collection, with varietal chocolates which have been processed by Franceschi Chocolate, from the tree to the tablet, makes a reality the dream of rescuing, in an extraordinary way, the legacy of Creole cocoas born for the first time in Venezuelan soil.

This is how KaKao chocolatier, with Maria Fernanda di Giacobbe betting again on the diffusion and highlight of the incomparable characteristics of our cocoas, and Giovanni Conversi as master chocolate maker of the collection, celebrates with these bombons the singular elegance of Sur del Lago seeds, the enigmatic subtlety of Canoabo, the citric firmness of Ocumare, and the fruity intensity of Carenero and Rio Caribe. These extraordinary strains fuse with art in the KaKao-Franceschi bombons, to empower the exquisiteness and unique character of our land’s cocoa.

Thus, Franceschi Chocolate and KaKao, Venezuelan bombons, proudly present this exclusive selection. We invite you to share and enjoy the benefits of the best cocoa in the world.



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