Franceschi Chocolate and Buchanan’s House treat us three luxury parings to share

The pairing has been carefully selected to celebrate the privilege of sharing the best of Scottish and Venezuelan lands.

The experience highlights the unique properties of the Scottish malt and grain blends of Buchanan’s together with fine and extrafine varietals manufactured with strains of Venezuelan ancestry cocoa from Franceschi Chocolate. Both brands evidence their great legacy, preserved for over a century with passion, dedication, and respect for tradition.

The creaminess and fruity sweetness of the Carenero Dark chocolate varietal, at 60% concentration, melts in the mouth to boost the three-dimensional flavor of Buchanan’s Master. Through every sense we discover, little by little, an incredible harmony between sweet and smoky which refuses to vanish.

Buchanan’s Special Reserve lovers instantly recognize its even fruitier and smokier notes. Nothing better than an extrafine varietal of Creole Origin cocoa to intensify these sensations, being Choroni from Franceschi Chocolate at 70% concentration the ideal selection to give a  nice astringent touch which definitely pampers the palate.

To end, a jewel with a jewel. The extrafine varietal Canoabo at 70% from Franceschi Chocolate, awarded at the International Chocolate Awards as Venezuela Gold 2013 and America’s Silver 2012. As well as best Creole Origin strain at the Paris Salon Du Chocolat 2013, has doubtlessly fallen in love with Buchanan’s Red Seal to heighten even more the silkiness, the chocolatey and citric flavors of this incomparable blend, created by Sir James Buchanan at the turn of the XX century especially for the King of England, Edward VII.

Both brands presented this high class pairing to a select group of the media and gastronomy specialists at the spaces of Licoteca in the city of Caracas.


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