Celebrating with the Swiss Embassy in Caracas

Franceschi Chocolate shared the #ArtedelChocolateOscurodeOrigen with the guests from the Swiss Embassy in Caracas, during the celebration of the Francophonie Day, the International Happiness Day, and the Nouruz Celebration.


arch 21 and 22 are dates of great importance all over the world:

Francophonie Day is celebrated, a day dedicated to the French language and its diversity, gathering over 870 million of francophones.

Also, Happiness is honored, an official celebration instituted by the United Nations General Assembly since 2012.

And for the Persian culture, the Nouruz celebration constitutes the beginning of the Iranian year, precisely during the beginning of the Spring Equinox. The latter has been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, a holiday celebrated by over 20 countries, from Iran to the Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia, through Caucasus and some other nations of Europe and regions in the United States.

We share our immense satisfaction for this invitation extended by H.E., Sabine Ulmann Shaban, Swiss Ambassador, and her honorable husband Alexandre Reza Shaban.


H.E. Sabine Ulmann Shaban, Swiss Ambassador and her honorable husband Alexandre Reza Shaban


Honorable Ambassador of Peru in Venezuela, Mario López Chávarri




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