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Franceschi Chocolate Guest of Honor in Paris

Venezuela will be the guest of honor at the fourth edition of the Sens&Chocolat Festival that will be held from February 5 to 9, 2016, within the frame of the Europain – Intersuc International Fair, at the Exposition Park North of Paris.

Our Canoabo Varietal recognized as one of the best in the continent

For four consecutive years Franceschi Chocolate’s Varietals have been recognized by the Grand Jury of the International Chocolate Awards as one of the best dark chocolates in America.

Franceschi Chocolate classifies once more in the International Chocolate Awards

Franceschi Chocolate continues to promote with Venezuelan pride the exquisite properties of a select collection of dark chocolate varietals, manufactured with ancestral Criollo Origin and Trinitarian Type strains of impeccable genetic quality.

Celebrating with the Swiss Embassy in Caracas

Franceschi Chocolate shared the #ArtedelChocolateOscurodeOrigen with the guests from the Swiss Embassy in Caracas, during the celebration of the Francophonie Day, the International Happiness Day, and the Nouruz Celebration.

Patrice Chapon: Venezuelan Cocoa is the Best!

We had the pleasure of sharing with Monsieur Patrice Chapon at a tasting organized by Cacao de Origen. A gentleman of chocolate, now head over heels in love with Venezuelan ancestry cocoas. During his visit to Venezuela, Chapon has known the flavor, the purity, the nobility, the sweetness, and the gentleness of our cocoas…. And […]

Franceschi Chocolate recognized once more at the International Chocolate Awards 2014

Franceschi Chocolate is proud to announce that it has been selected once more as a finalist at the International Chocolate Awards, in the Dark Plain/Origin Bars of the 2014 Americas Semi-Final.

Franceschi Chocolate and Buchanan’s House treat us three luxury parings to share

The pairing has been carefully selected to celebrate the privilege of sharing the best of Scottish and Venezuelan lands.

Club Pomar enjoyed the Art of Dark Chocolate of Origin of Franceschi Chocolate

Franceschi Chocolate shared its collection of fine and extrafine varietals with the members of Club Pomar, in an encounter which allowed each one to activate their world of sensory perceptions with the properties of chocolate, to enjoy the textures, aromas, and flavors of each strain of Venezuelan ancestry cocoa.

Franceschi Chocolate recognized once more at the International Chocolate Awards 2013

Franceschi Chocolate’s extrafine varietal, elaborated with the Venezuelan ancestry cocoa “Canoabo” of high Creole Origin genetics, was awarded “Venezuela Gold” in the Dark Plain/Origin Bars category during the International Chocolate Awards 2013.

Franceschi, the Adventure of Dark Chocolate of Venezuelan Origin

There are flavors that shock and chocolate is one of them.
You don’t have to be an expert to feel the pleasure produced by its combination of aroma, texture, and flavor, as well as the indescribable sensation you enjoy when each piece melts in the palate of those who have been captivated by this delicacy of intense emotions.